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The best natural ingredients on the planet so you can keep your pup happy and healthy!

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Anxiety and pain relief in a cheese and bacon flavored treat your dog will love!


CBD infused Coconut Oil

A perfect match. This food topper super supplement calms anxiety, reduces pain, and alleviates itchy skin due to allergies.

After being on 4 different foods and several drugs, nothing has worked. I tried this CBD-Infused with Coconut oil and in one week, what a difference. His hair started growing back, no bald spots, his tummy is clear
— susan b.



This organic CBD oil can be applied topically or orally and will assist your dog in confronting anxiety, joint and mobility issues, allergies, pain, and inflammation. Derived from Hemp, this non-psychoactive oil is sure to give your dog the relief it desires.

Ruby no longer cries when I leave for work and she does not chew on anything while I am gone.
— Megan - Amazon Customer


Virgin Coconut Oil

100% unrefined coconut oil formulated for your pets allows you to supplement your pups diet with a natural super-food! Adding coconut oil to food is a delicious treat your dog will love, all while relieving allergy problems naturally. Can also be used to treat skin issues topically.


Natural Pet Mess Cleaner

A revolutionary cleaner that is odorless and chemical free! This new technology removes all traces of stains and odors due to urine and it is all natural, GMO free and made in the USA.


Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil

Wild caught Alaskan Salmon oil from Natural Doggie promotes better mental and physical health for your pup. Rich in omega 3s, this formulation is a supplement to their food that is certain to improve skin/coat and immune health overall. This oil is a natural anti inflammatory and will help any dog with skin issues or allergies live a more comfortable life.

Within two weeks of using Natural Doggie coconut oil, his coat was more silky, his skin wasn’t red and irritated and he stopped itching so much
— Joan Udall
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